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February 16, 2005


After 6 months in the wilderness,Sauron the dark
lord is back to poke my brains.He must have already built
his dark tower and Barad-Dur.The 9 ringwraiths from
Minas Tirith trot relentlessly on their black horses every
night in search of the "One Ring".Only voveran 100 can
toss the "One Ring" into the Crack of Doom and end the
reign of the Dark lord.Ofcourse it only provides a sustained
relief for a few hours.And then sauron spawns again every
night and pokes.Its a recursive algorithm without a boundary
condition.Its pain.Its the only thing that makes me cry.
I wish i were a doc to find a solution to my own problem.
I always wish i were so many other stuff.But now i wish to
be a doc.This stupid Sauron and his bunch of orcs and
ringwraiths make me cry everyday and i get so low on
confidence. 2 days back i was asking my friend "wat hav i got
to cheer up?" when she asked me to cheer up.I know its a
stupid question but i desperately sought an answer to it.
Yesterday in office there was this sale for helping the
handicapped.It always depressed me whenever i went to a
home for mentally-retarded or an orphanage.But handicapped
people are so differant.They are so high on confidence.I bought
something and then i was talking to this lady in the wheelchair
who did the billing.She was so happy even though my
contribution was so small.And then somewhere in that
conversation she said.. ".. be grateful that you have all your
body parts sir..".It would have been a bull people shoot on a
regular basis,but it made a lot of sense to me.Infact it answered
my question.Salvation in time of pain.. lies within.