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March 31, 2005


broken laws,broken jaws
broken treaties,broken countries
broken hands on broken guns

broken promises,broken hearts
broken minds,broken thoughts
broken voices on broken phones

broken guitars,broken records
broken sleep,broken dreams
broken bodies on broken cots

broken everything,everything's broken

March 23, 2005

Paranoid Android

Happened to read hitchhikers' guide to the galaxy.
Marvin must have been designed after me.Marvin,the
depressed android.Marvin is always depressed and lets
you know it.He constantly airs his depression on how
nothing in body works right except his mind.His mind,
according to him, is so intelligent that nothing can
keep up with him and thus he is constantly bored.
Marvins' inventor must be tracked down,lined up and
shot in the head.