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May 17, 2005

cidade de deus

I thought Godfather,Goodfellas were the best gangster
movies ever made.This movie was comparable and at
places even better than Goodfellas.But considering
Goodfellas was released 13 years before Cidade de deus
puts Goodfellas in a differant league altogether.Cidade de
deus has awesome cinematography ( Cesar Charlone -
oscar nominated ),totally offbeat editing ( Daniel
Rezende - oscar nominated ),scintillating screenplay
(Braulio Montavani - oscar nominated ) and some good
direction.The audio was in portuguese but the subtitles
were pretty good to follow the movie.The movie is styled
similar to pulp fiction since the answers are given first
and questions asked later in almost all the anachronous
sub-plots ( like chapters in pulp).The movie is narrated by
Rocket,a journalist who takes just a minor role in the movie
( btw. this is a true story).The story is set in 60's Rio de
Janiero and revolves around a ghetto.Its very powerful
and disturbing with kids carrying guns and robbing motels,
shooting to kill,sniffing n selling drugs.It somewhat
reminded me of Black Hawk Down but this is a war amidst
drug lords unlike the war in BHD.
"I sniff,I steal,I kill.I'm man" uttered by a 12 year old speaks
of the way the kids of the ghetto use their pistols as toys.
Overall, a beautiful masterpiece that will take you on a time
travel to the 60's Rio.


At Wed May 18, 01:40:00 AM PDT, Blogger sou said...


me: naah haven't seen it


me: nope!

"Pulp fiction"

me: yes!!

"Black hawk down"

me: umm..no..

"Cidade de deus"

me: oh yeah.. that Portuguese movie rite? About the warring drug lords and these kids walking around with guns and stuff. Yeah.. beautiful masterpiece!

:-) good review!


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