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May 15, 2005

shichinin no samurai

so there was no booming of speakers like Gladiator
or Braveheart.This movie was a real break for all my
CGI clogged brain cells.at last i saw the famed
"shichinin no samurai" a.k.a "seven samurai".I never
thought a foreign film would impress me so much
inspite of its b&w and 3&half hour runtime.*spoiler
alert*.The story line is pretty simple with a poor
village recruiting seven samurai to protect themselves
against bandits.Its not just the action that i loved,its
a movie packed with a lot of sub-plots ranging from
villagers dealing with their miserable life,lil bit of
romance,class wars,comedy and lots of sentimental
drama.i guess this is one of the finest films ever
committed to celluloid.me sitting here writing this
review 52 years after the films release should speak
enough about the movie's richness in terms of art,
technology and photography which has stood the
test of time and influenced directors like cameron,
spielberg etc. kurosawa entered and now tops my
list of favorite directos alongside kubrick,scorsese,
hitchcock and tarantino.this is a film everyone who
cares about movies must see.


At Mon May 16, 05:39:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Vinu said...

Not just that, the film impressed in its absence of any grandoise. The fights do not have any dazzle in it. (Havent seen many b&w movies, so i am not sure if any of them have it)... simple strategy, subtle humour, senseful story telling, unassuming drama... but most of what stands out is the completeness and simplicity with which the complex story unfolds.


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