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June 01, 2005

X & Y

X & Y,Coldplay's latest album is out at last,scheduled to
be released in stores on the 9th of June.I was lucky to
be one of the first few to have a taste of the new coldplay
sound.The hype that chris martin was experimenting
with a bit of rap turns out to be false.There are 13 tracks
totally including a bonus track."Square One",the first
track sets the pace and the mood for the album.X & Y is
more Rush of Bloodsy than Parachutesy.Rushing through
all the 13 tracks at one go is a bit strenuous on the ear.
"Speed of Sound" which was released before the album as
as single stands out clearly from the rest."X & Y" the title
track is just awesome and would make you sing along
( "You and me are floating on a tidal wave,together You
and me are drifting into outer space" ) the very first time
you hear it."What if" and "White shadows" possess the
fluttery trademark coldplay sound from "Spies" and
"Clocks"."Swallowed in the sea" is very poetic and is
probably the best love song in any Coldplay album.
"Till kingdom come",the bonus track sounded like a
Bob Dylan wannabe with a sound very familiar.
The rest of the album didnt make a deep impact on first
hearing but am sure they will be late hits.Now considering
the amount of time Coldplay took to make this album, i
consider this a bit of a letdown.There isnt much
experimental in this album as was hyped.I think the
primary differance is that there isnt much piano used
in this album like in "Parachutes".There are a few songs
that sound like ripoffs from REM and Radiohead. Having
sold more than 10 millions records,being on the same
level as U2,this album definitely is not their best.Chris
Martin can never be Bono.


At Thu Jun 02, 01:38:00 AM PDT, Blogger sou said...

Winner = X & Y - Rocks!!

Close contender = White Shadows - Very Coldplay!

My personal fav = Swallowed in the sea

Pretty OK = Square One

Coldplay = lost boys....U2 = cool men :-)


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