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September 29, 2005

cygnus X-1

book - 1 ( from "a farewell to kings" )
..in the constellation of cygnus, there
lurks a mysterious,invisible force: the
black hole of cygnus X-1....

six stars of the northern cross
in mourning for their sister's loss
in a final flash of glory
nevermore to grace the night...

invisible to telescopic eye
infinity, the star that would not die

all who dare to cross her course
are swallowed by her fearsome force

through the void
to be destroyed
or is there something more?
atomized...at the core?
or through the astral door?
to soar...

i set a course just east of lyra
and northwest of pegasus
flew into the light of deneb
sailed across the milky way
on my ship, the "rocinante"
wheeling through the galaxies,
headed for the heart of cygnus
headlong into mystery

the x-ray is her siren song
my ship cannot resist her long
nearer to my deadly goal
until the black hole
gains control...

spinning, whirling,
still descending
like a spiral sea,

sound and fury
drown my heart
every nerve
is torn apart...

book 2 - hemispheres
( From "hemispheres" )

I. prelude

when our weary world was young
the struggle of the ancients first began.
the gods of love and reason
sought alone to rule the fate of man.

they battled through the ages,
but still neither force would yield.
the people were divided,
every soul a battlefield.

II. apollo/dionysus

apollo: bringer of wisdom
"i bring truth and understanding,
i bring wit and wisdom fair,
precious gifts beyond compare.
we can build a world of wonder,
i can make you all aware.
i will find you food and shelter,
show you fire to keep you warm
through the endless winter storm.
you can live in grace and comfort
in the world that you transform."

the people were delighted
coming forth to claim their prize
they ran to build their cities
and converse among the wise.
but one day the streets fell silent,
yet they knew not what was wrong.
the urge to build these fine things
seemed not to be so strong.
the wise men were consulted,
and the bridge of death was crossed
in quest of dionysus
to find out what they had lost.

dionysus: bringer of love
"i bring love to give you solace
in the darkness of the night,
in the heart's eternal light.
you need only trust your feelings;
only love can steer you right.
i bring laughter, i bring music,
i bring joy and i bring tears.
i will soothe your primal fears.
throw off those chains of reason
and your prison disappears."

the cities were abandoned,
and the forests echoed song.
they danced and lived as brothers;
they knew love could not be wrong.
food and wine they had aplenty
and they slept beneath the stars.
the people were contented
and the gods watched from afar.
but the winter fell upon them
and it caught them unprepared,
bringing wolves and cold starvation,
and the hearts of men despaired.

III. armageddon: the battle of heart and mind

the universe divided
as the heart and mind collided,
with the people left unguided
for so many troubled years.
in a cloud of doubts and fears,
their world was torn asunder into hollow

some fought themselves,
some fought each other,
most just followed one another
lost and aimless like their brothers
for their hearts were so unclear
and the truth could not appear
their spirits were divided into blinded

some who did not fight
brought tales of old to light.
"my Rocinante sailed by night
on her final flight."
to the heart of cygnus' fearsome force
we set our course
spiralled through that timeless space
to this immortal place.

IV. cygnus: bringer of balance

i have memory and awareness,
but I have no shape or form.
as a disembodied spirit,
i am dead and yet unborn.
i have passed into olympus
as was told in tales of old,
to the city of immortals,
marble white and purest gold...

i see the gods in battle rage on high...
thunderbolts across the sky...
i cannot move, I cannot hide...
i feel a silent scream begin inside...

then all at once the chaos ceased
a stillness fell, a sudden peace
the warriors felt my silent cry
and stayed their struggle, mystified.

apollo was atonished;
dionysus thought me mad.
but they heard my story further
and they wondered, and were sad.

looking down from olympus
on a world of doubt and fear,
its surface splintered
into sorry hemispheres.

they sat a while in silence,
then they turned at last to me:
"we will call you cygnus,
the god of balance you shall be."

V.the Sphere: a kind of dream

we can walk our road together
if our goals are all the same.
we can run alone and free
if we pursue a different aim.
let the truth of love be lighted,
let the love of truth shine clear. sensibility,
armed with sense and liberty,
with the heart and mind united in a single
perfect sphere.

September 27, 2005



September 23, 2005

chinnanchiru kiliye..

chinnanchiru kiliye - kannamma
selva kalanjiyame
ennai kalitheerthe - ulagil
yetram puriyavandhai

pillai kaniyamudhe - kannamma
pesum porchithirame
alli anaithidave - yenmunne
aadivarum thene

odi varugayile - kannamma
ullam kulirudhadi
aadi thiridhal kandal - unnai poi
aavi thazhuvudhadi

ucchi dhanai mugandhal - garuvam
ongi valarudhadi
mecchi unai oorar - pugazhndhal
meni silirkudhadi

kannathil muthamittal - ullanthan
kallveri kolludhadi
unnai thazhuvidilo - kannama
unmatham aagudhadi

satrun mugam sivandhal - manadhu
sanchalam aagudhadi
netri churukam kandal - enakku
nenjam padhaikudhadi

unkannil neer vazhindhal - en nenjil
udhiram kottudhadi
en kannil paarvayandro? - kannamma
en uyir ninnadhanro?

sollum mazhalayile - kannamma
thunbangal theerthiduvai
mullai siripaale - enadhu
moorgam thavirthiduvai

September 22, 2005

stray birds

i have seen thee as the half-awakened child sees
his mother in the dusk of the dawn and then smiles
and sleeps again
( stray birds )

September 20, 2005


what is the speed of dark ?

September 19, 2005

idea !

\ \ | / /
/ | |
: ;
\ \~/ /
`, Y ,'

September 15, 2005

all my love

should I fall out of love, my fire in the night
to chase a feather in the wind
within the glow that weaves a cloak of delight
there moves a thread that has no end

for many hours and days that pass ever soon
the tides have caused the flame to dim
at last the arm is straight, the hand to the loom
is this to end or just begin?

all of my love,
all of my love,
all of my love to you now

the cup is raised, the toast is made yet again
one voice is clear above the din
proud Arianne, one word, my will to sustain
for me, the cloth once more to spin

yours is the cloth, mine is the hand that sews time
his is the force that lies within
ours is the fire, all the warmth we can find
he is a feather in the wind
Led Zeppelin

September 13, 2005


a layman's commentary

September 11, 2005

ecce peur

of the dark past
a child is born
with joy and grief
my heart is torn

calm in his cradle
the living lies
may love and mercy
unclose his eyes

young life is breathed
on the glass
the world that was not
comes to pass

a child is sleeping
an old man gone.
O, father forsaken
forgive your son
James Joyce

this poem was written by Joyce after his grandson
stephen ( stephen dedalus? ) was born soon after
his father passed away.'ecce puer' is in latin and
means 'lo ! a boy'

September 08, 2005

innocence faded

..memories of myself as a 10 yr old or before

what happens to the light when i point a torch to the sky n switch it on?
what is lying ?
how/why do ppl forget things?
...amma take away this horlicks that is sticking in my mouth and teeth
can i go to the moon ?
why do i have only one b'day in a year ?
...as i am suffering from fever...
if i dont buy the bus ticket everyday can i save enough for a saree for my granma ?
how many generations can be alive at the same time in my family?
why cant i see orion now ?
who is eating the moon ?
if mary had a little lamb, why doesnt my sis have one ?
why doesnt my father like me?
can i mark the stars that i have counted already so i can count them correctly?
what liquid is there in big dipper?
...playing with syringes.. injecting water into tomatoes in the garden..
raindrops fallin on puddles resembling pawns in chess..
..burning paper by focussing sunlight with a magnifying lens
trying to cut off magnetic fields.. collecting iron filings from sand.. making them dance..

September 06, 2005

lizard king

I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone
stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then - whoosh,
and I'm gone... and they'll never see anything like it ever again,
and they won't be able to forget me - ever.
Jim Morrison

September 05, 2005

bloom and molly

...about the parade of guests Leopold Bloom imagines
precede and succeed him into Molly's bed...

each one who enters imagines himself to be the first
to enter
whereas he is always the last term of a
preceding series even if
the first term of a succeeding
one, each imagining himself to be
first, last, only and
alone whereas he is neither first nor last nor
only nor
alone in a series originating in and repeated to infinity.