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October 03, 2005

red earth and pouring rain

yaayum yaayum yaaragiyaro
endhaiyum nundhaiyum emmuraik kelir
yaanum neeyum evvazhi aridhum
chembulap peyalneer pola
anbudai nenjamdhan kalandhanave
chembulapeyalnirar in "kurunthokai"

"what could my mother be
to yours? what kin is my father
to yours anyway? and how
did you and I meet ever?
but in love
our hearts have mingled
as red earth and pouring rain
mingled beyond parting"
translated by a k ramanujan

its so beautiful.this song has appeared as a
spliced and modified vairamuthu version
( narumugaiye ) in iruvar movie.also found
that this song was the oldest ( 3 A.D )
and first from asian origin to be put up as
poster in london underground metros. cant
get over the lines "chembulap peyalneer pola"
( like red earth and pouring rain )


At Tue Oct 04, 03:13:00 AM PDT, Blogger sou said...

To express through borrowed words:

"The world changes, so do culture and life styles, but poetry shows us that our relationship with fellow humans, with the natural and the working worlds, do not change. It is one of the functions of art to reassure people about their connections with the past."

~ Judith Chernaik


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