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November 28, 2005

stray birds - 3

"i have lost my dewdrop," cries the flower
to the morning sky that has lost all its

November 24, 2005

daddy fell into the pond

everyone grumbled. the sky was grey
we had nothing to do and nothing to say
we were nearing the end of a dismal day,
and then there seemed to be nothing beyond,
daddy fell into the pond !

and everyone's face grew merry and bright,
and timothy danced for sheer delight
"give me the camera, quick, oh quick!
he's crawling out of the duckweed!" click!

then the gardener suddenly slapped his knee,
and doubled up, shaking silently,
and the ducks all quacked as if they were daft,
and it sounded as if the old drake laughed
oh, there wasn't a thing that didn't respond
daddy fell into the pond !
alfred noyes

eating poetry

ink runs from the corners of my mouth
there is no happiness like mine
i have been eating poetry
mark strand

November 23, 2005


grow up grown-ups

clowns to the left of me
jokers to the right
here i am..
stuck in the middle with them

y is everyone so immature for their age ?
hate to be the youngest of the bunch but
still be smothered by immaturity of the

the great day

hurrah for revolution and more cannon-shot!
a beggar on horseback lashes a beggar on foot
hurrah for revolution and cannon come again!
the beggars have changed places, but the lash goes on
william butler yeats

November 21, 2005

maithreem bhajatha

maithreem bhajatha akila hrijjaytreem
athmava deva paranapi paschyata
yudham thyajatha spardhaam thyajatha
thyajatha pareshvakramam aakramanam (Maithreem)
janani prithivi kamadughasthe
janako devaha sakaladayaluhu
daamyatha dattha dayadhvam janathaha
shreyo bhooyath sakala jananam
sri chandrashekara saraswati's
blessing to United Nations
artist : MS Subbalakshmi

cultivate friendship which will conquer all hearts
look upon others as you do yourself
renounce wars renounce competition
give up wrongful aggression on others
our mother earth is ready to fulfill all our desires
we have the lord, our father, who is compassionate to all
O, people of the world, restrain yourself, be kind and give
may mankind prosper

stairway to heaven

with all the light pollution, will i ever get to see
the milkyway again like i used to when i was
young ?
if you havent seen milkyway with your naked
eye you have missed something.it started all my
fascination for the great and greater beyond.

November 18, 2005

each small candle

not the torturer will scare me
nor the body's final fall
nor the barrels of death's rifles
nor the shadows on the wall
nor the night when to the ground
the last dim star of pain, is held
but the blind indifference
of a merciless unfeeling world

lying in the burnt out shell
of some albanian farm
an old babushka
holds a crying baby in her arms
a soldier from the other side
a man of heart and pride
breaks ranks, lays down his rifle
and kneels by her side

he binds her wounds
he gives her food
and calms the crying child
she gives him absolution then
across the great divide
he picks his way back through the broken
china of her life
and there at the kerb
the samaritan serb turns..
turns and waves.. goodbye

and each small candle
lights a corner of the dark...

when the wheel of pain stops turning
and the branding iron stops burning
when the children can be children
when the desperados weaken
when the time rolls in to greet them
when the natural law of science
greets the humble and the mighty
and the billion candles burning
lights the dark side of every human mind

each small candle
lights a corner of the dark...
roger waters

November 17, 2005


November 15, 2005

a pillow of winds

a cloud of eider down
draws around me softening the sound
sleepy time in my life
with my love by my side
and she's breathing low
and the candle dies.
when night comes down you lock the door
the boot falls to the floor
as darkness falls and waves roll by
the seasons change
the wind is raw.
now wakes the hour that sleeps the swan
behold a dream, the dream is gone
green fields
a cold rain is falling
near the golden dawn.
and deep beneath the ground
the early morning sounds and I go down
sleepy time in our life
with my love by my side
and she's breathing low
and I rise like a bird
in the haze and the first rays touch the sky
and the night winds die

November 11, 2005


mandibular arthritis
neck and back pain
amnesia too apparantly

November 10, 2005


[ things start flying around in the room ]

she : honey did u pay the gravity bills this month ?

November 09, 2005

the analog kid

you move me ---
you move me ---
with your buildings and your eyes
autumn woods and winter skies
you move me ---
you move me ---
open sea and city lights
busy streets and dizzy heights
you call me ---
you call me ---

the fawn-eyed girl with sun-browned legs
dances on the edge of his dream
and her voice rings in his ears
like the music of the spheres

ponnai uyarvaip pugazhai virumbidum
ennaik kavalaigal thinnath thagathenru
ninnai saranadainthaen - kannamma
thanseya lennith thavippadhu theernthingu
ninseyal seidhu niraivuperum vanam
ninnai saranadainthaen - kannamma

It is as if ninnai saranadainthen finishes
the song by RUSH.

November 08, 2005

vaedikkai manithar

thaedi choru dhinam thindru
pala chinnanchiru kadhaigal pesi
vaadi thunbam miga uzhandru
pirar vaada pala seigai seidhu
narai koodi kizhapparuvam eidhi
kodum kootrukkiraiyaagi maayum
sila vedikkai manidharai polavey
naanum veezhvenendru nanaithaayo ?

Admire this poem for the spirit it
carries.Made another attempt to translate
a Bharathi poem.
Not a literal translation but a close

risible men
scavenging everyday for rice
indulging in innumerous small talk
suffering in vain sorrow and pain
sinning and scathing others
aging and greying in due course
dying and disappearing in despair
like some risible men
did u imagine i wud fumble and fall ?

The poem is a ridicule on risible people
and a mock at time

November 07, 2005

me.myself and my organs

legs : we're tired
stomach : am hungry u moron, feed me
eyes : dont look at the monitor or i'll give u another migraine
brain : dont listen 2 ur stomach, it wont digest what u eat
right hand : use ur left hand more often when u play tt.. am tired
legs : we're tired
neck : am gonna let the head fall to the ground.. hehe
spinal cord : am hurt more than the neck.. u dont realise it :-(
legs : we're tired
stomach : here is some gastric juice.. am gonna eat myself
right leg : am more tired than the left leg
me : shut up u all or i'll put u all 2 sleep


code it,test it,break it,fix it
wrap it,build it,quick release it
pay it,buy it,use it,screw it,
break it,trash it,quick exchange it
get it,load it,test it,find it
note it,squash it,quick rewrite it
figure it,tune it,save it,patch it,
wrap it,build it,re-release it
get it,patch it,use it,screw it
crash it,trash it,un-install it
theresnologic [ 1000000x ]

clockwork pomegranate

hate oranges
hate orangs