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November 08, 2005

vaedikkai manithar

thaedi choru dhinam thindru
pala chinnanchiru kadhaigal pesi
vaadi thunbam miga uzhandru
pirar vaada pala seigai seidhu
narai koodi kizhapparuvam eidhi
kodum kootrukkiraiyaagi maayum
sila vedikkai manidharai polavey
naanum veezhvenendru nanaithaayo ?

Admire this poem for the spirit it
carries.Made another attempt to translate
a Bharathi poem.
Not a literal translation but a close

risible men
scavenging everyday for rice
indulging in innumerous small talk
suffering in vain sorrow and pain
sinning and scathing others
aging and greying in due course
dying and disappearing in despair
like some risible men
did u imagine i wud fumble and fall ?

The poem is a ridicule on risible people
and a mock at time


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