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December 31, 2005

??? [1]

did our innocence go out of style ?

December 30, 2005

gitanjali - 2

light, my light,
the world-filling light,
the eye-kissing light,
heart-sweetening light!

December 28, 2005

led zep

must listen led zep list

no quarter
communication breakdown
ramble on
black dog
trampled under foot
stairway to heaven
fool in the rain
battle of evermore
nobody's fault but mine
bron-a-yur stomp
all my love
dy'er mak'er
dazed and confused
whole lotta love
when the levee breaks
misty mountain top
immigrant song
dancing days
travelling riverside blues
am gonna crawl
babe am gonna leave u
song remains the same
hey hey what can i do
achilles last stand

December 27, 2005

sun feared me


you think you got issues ?
i've got a five year subscription

December 26, 2005

elliptic spiral

the journey around the sun that started in a
gloomy hospital room is nearing completion.
dull and dreary but not weak and weary i wait
for the inevitable start of tracing another
ethereal ellipse, with the melancholy of the journey
i complete and the excitement of starting another

stray birds - 5

the grass seeks her crowd in the earth
the tree seeks his solitude in the sky

December 17, 2005

so pure

dirty as the first rain
dirty as distilled liquid
dirty as the kid from the street
dirty but still innocent and pure

December 16, 2005


218 minutes,my sony home theater,thunder
and lightning and a home far from the madding
queensryche's operation mindcrime,
DT's scenes from a memory and floyd's
wall playin back to back in the said order.

stray birds - 4

god is ashamed when the prosperous boast of his special

December 14, 2005

war and peas

he put gunpowder on the peas pulao

oily thoughts

boring wednesday afternoon,
mind still like a clear water pond,
random thoughts like drops of oil,
spreading into a thin film,
thick as the wavelenth of visible light,
kept on the surface, repelled by the mind,
still colorful enough to pen this poem

December 12, 2005

veenaiyadi nee enakku

paayumoli nee enakku paarkum vizhi nan unakku
thoyum madhu nee enakku thumbiyadi nan unakku
vaayuraikka varuguvathillai vaalinindran meanmai ellam

thuya sudar vaanoliye suraiyamuthe kannamma
veenaiyadi nee enakku mevum viral naanunakku
puunum vadam nee enakku puthu vaiyram nan unakku
kaanumidanthorum nindran kanninoli veesuthadi
maanudaiya perarase vaalvu nilaiye kannamma

vaana mazhai nee enakku vanna mayil nan unakku
baanamadi nee enakku paandamadi nan unakku
nyaana oli veesuthadi nangai nindran jothimugam
uunamaru nallalaghe uuru suvaiye kannamma
vennilavu nee enakku mevu kadal nan unakku
pannusuthi nee enakku paattinimai nan unakku
enni enni paarthidilor ennamillai ninsuvaikke
kannin mani pondravale kattiyamuthe kannamma

veesukamal nee enakku viriyumalar nan unakku
pesuporul nee enakku penumozhi nan unakku
nesamulla vaansudare ninnalaghai yethurippen
aasai madhuve kaniye allu suvaiye kannamma

kaathaladi nee enakku gaanthamadi nan unakku
vethamadi nee enakku vithaiyadi nan unakku
pothamutra pothinile pongivarum theenchuvaiye
naathavadivaanavale nalla uyire kannamma

nallavuyir nee enakku naadiyadi nan unakku
selvamadi nee enakku semanithi nan unakku
ellaiyatra peralaghe enggum nirai potchudare
mullai nigar punnagaiyai moothuminbame kannamma
taaraiyadi nee enakku thanmathiyam nan unakku
veeramadi nee enakku vetriyadi nan unakku
tharaniyil vaanulaghil saarnthirukkum inbamellam
ooruruvamaai samainthai ullamuthe kannamma

hoping to translate this sweet poem
someday when i have time

you can listen to the movie version ( ezhavadhu
manithan ) here

rain drops in the desert

3 am in the morning, sitting on the bed, head going
crazy.no refrain from his migraine.wobbly,woozy,
dizzy and queasy he stumbles out of bed for medicine.
he sees a drop of sleep oozing from the raincloud
of the pill to enrich his parched land.quietly he lays
and waits for sleep

December 11, 2005

gitanjali - 1

early in the day it was whispered that we should
sail in a boat, only thou and I, and never a soul in
the world would know of this our pilgrimage to no
country and to no end

December 08, 2005


lose or loose ?
i am gonna lose it pretty soon if these words are
used interchangeably anymore.You cant blame
anyone but the english language which in itself
is pretty loose.Not that am an english professor, but
hate it when spelling is as lose as a gose

December 07, 2005


my intergalactic ship would start daily trips to
cygnus X-1 transporting stupidity of all sorts.
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December 05, 2005

she cried

tears rolled down her cheek,
departed saltily,fell on his hand
and glistened in the sunlight
his heart bled,
he wanted to stop the earth
and split it into hemispheres.