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January 30, 2006


yuva reel for real
paritrana is a political party started by

eco-t article
official page

January 26, 2006

cherry computers

that would be the name of my company.
like steve jobs loved apples.

January 24, 2006


there is something about yourself that you don't
know. something that you will deny even exists,
until it's too late to do anything about it. it's the
only reason you get up in the morning. the only
reason you suffer the shitty puss, the blood, the
sweat and the tears. this is because you want
people to know how good, attractive, generous,
funny, wild and clever you really are. fear or
revere me, but please, think i'm special. we
share an addiction. we're approval junkies. we're
all in it for the slap on the back and the gold
watch. the hip-hip-hoo-fuckin' rah. look at
the clever boy with the badge, polishing his
trophy. shine on you crazy diamond, because
we're just monkeys wrapped in suits, begging
for the approval of others.
jake green

January 21, 2006


saw it at last.nothing like snatch or lock stock.not a
gangster flick either though the trailor i saw on UK
top 10 made it look like one.the movie was trying to
be intelligent all through.it had quite a few things to
say about the voices in our heads.that apart it was
pretty trite.the dialogues as usual were all quotable
quotes.jason statham carries on throughout the
movie as if he had seen a ghost.there was absolutely
no differance in tones of the voiceovers and the
dialogues.liotta's role as macha was a big letdown too.
liotta was nowhere near his goodfellas image either.
the ultra slow motion camera work on jake green's
fall down the stairway was impressive.the anime and
reality mix was very well edited.mixing chess and con
with quotes created the feeling of watching a mystic
intelligent movie.there were shades of a whole lot of
other movies like fight club,usual suspects,kill bill,
donnie darko,mullholland drive,the matrix etc.it would
require atleast 2 viewings to understand which
characters are real and which are imaginary.the plot
was intentionally complicated to make people watch
it over and over again and debate more about who
was a bigger fool, the movie goer or guy ritchie.the
technology was very impressive and the script was
full of dangling pointers.guy ritchie's intellectual
masturbation i would call it.he wanted to do what
kubrick did in 2001 a space odyssey by leaving open
ends.he is clearly a david lynch fan and wanted to
make a weird movie like lynch.

pros. :
statham's voiceover

cons. :
spaghetti script
the gangster flick trailor

the movie could have been called psychobabble
instead of revolver.

January 18, 2006

love's bitter mystery

who goes with fergus ?

who will go drive with Fergus now,
and pierce the deep wood's woven shade,
and dance upon the level shore?
young man, lift up your russet brow,
and lift your tender eyelids, maid,
and brood on hopes and fear no more

and no more turn aside and brood
upon love's bitter mystery;
for Fergus rules the brazen cars,
and rules the shadows of the wood,
and the white breast of the dim sea
and all dishevelled wandering stars

one of the bitter mystery of references i
love in ulysses,this W.B Yeats poem
figures in quite a few places in ulysses.
though first referred by Buck in chap 1,
its apperance as stephen's song to his
dying mother is more powerful.
irish poem dazzling in a mammoth irish

January 16, 2006


mondays now have initials
iio moanday

January 13, 2006


his steveness has ended the long wait
x86 mac notebooks are out
you can gift me a macbook pro here

January 12, 2006


bitwise 2 years back was so much fun.
will i get to participate this year :(


repeat 50 [fd 7 rt repcount]

stray birds - 6

the cloud stood humbly in a corner of the sky
the morning crowned it with splendour

??? - [3]

bad smell outside forum..
vodka stashed in the forum sewer ?

January 06, 2006

ill mouse

my mouse just laid an egg
my cursor prostrated itself

closer to the heart

and the men who hold high places
must be the ones to start
to mould a new reality
closer to the heart

the blacksmith and the artist
reflect it in their art
forge their creativity
closer to the heart

philosophers and ploughmen
each must know his part
to sow a new mentality
closer to the heart

you can be the captain
i will draw the chart
sailing into destiny
closer to the heart

January 04, 2006


the problem in fighting with stupid people is that
they make you stupid too and then beat you with
their experience

??? - [2]

why are these words magical ?

the white flower

the white flower was bright and happy
with white petals in a radial symmetry
its hemispherical receptacle rubbery
it had no filament,anther or nectar

the night never secretly opened its buds
nor the day see it through all along
the innocent kids hit the flower high
the flower wore out and fell with a sigh

mocked and ridiculed by colorful flowers
adorned all day long by butterflies
the white flower flying high, decided to die
petals ripped, the shuttlecock fell with a sigh

January 03, 2006

OS X tiger on x86

strictly for g33k5

on a partition ( no vmware,pearpc etc. )

21st century schizoid man

cat’s foot iron claw
neuro-surgeons scream for more
at paranoia’s poison door
twenty first century schizoid man

blood rack barbed wire
polititians’ funeral pyre
innocents raped with napalm fire
twenty first century schizoid man

death seed blind man’s greed
poets’ starving children bleed
nothing he’s got he really needs
twenty first century schizoid man
king crimson

January 02, 2006

pixel killer

these pixels were mocking me.
now they are all dead

January 01, 2006


think you are escaping and run into yourself.
longest way round is the shortest way home
[ taken from ulysses ]

thavamai thavamirundhu

feels like i just walked out of an art exhibition.
an excellant work of art was what thavamai
thavamirundhu was.with a beautiful storyline,
realism in acting,sets with great attention
to detail,ironies,symbolisms,originality,storytelling,
direction, character portrayal,screenplay... i can
rave on and on about this masterpiece.
would remain etched in memory for cheran's