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January 21, 2006


saw it at last.nothing like snatch or lock stock.not a
gangster flick either though the trailor i saw on UK
top 10 made it look like one.the movie was trying to
be intelligent all through.it had quite a few things to
say about the voices in our heads.that apart it was
pretty trite.the dialogues as usual were all quotable
quotes.jason statham carries on throughout the
movie as if he had seen a ghost.there was absolutely
no differance in tones of the voiceovers and the
dialogues.liotta's role as macha was a big letdown too.
liotta was nowhere near his goodfellas image either.
the ultra slow motion camera work on jake green's
fall down the stairway was impressive.the anime and
reality mix was very well edited.mixing chess and con
with quotes created the feeling of watching a mystic
intelligent movie.there were shades of a whole lot of
other movies like fight club,usual suspects,kill bill,
donnie darko,mullholland drive,the matrix etc.it would
require atleast 2 viewings to understand which
characters are real and which are imaginary.the plot
was intentionally complicated to make people watch
it over and over again and debate more about who
was a bigger fool, the movie goer or guy ritchie.the
technology was very impressive and the script was
full of dangling pointers.guy ritchie's intellectual
masturbation i would call it.he wanted to do what
kubrick did in 2001 a space odyssey by leaving open
ends.he is clearly a david lynch fan and wanted to
make a weird movie like lynch.

pros. :
statham's voiceover

cons. :
spaghetti script
the gangster flick trailor

the movie could have been called psychobabble
instead of revolver.


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