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February 28, 2006

blissful morning

a morning filled with tracks from simon and/or
garfunkel and rush played alternatively

bliss !

s&|g > beatles
rush > all rock bands except floyd

stray birds - 7

where is the fountain that throws up these flowers
in a ceaseless outbreak of ecstasy?

February 27, 2006

??? - [5]

whats the big fuss about 3D surround sound when
you still view stuff on a 2D screen ?

February 23, 2006


as a non-american, how do u react to one.org ?
the declaration goes.. "we beleive in the best
american tradition.... blah blah" and you are
supposed to sign it if you support one.org so
they can get more funds. i'm not the kind of
person who likes to be bound by virtual lines
but i dont want to sign a declation that clearly
boasts abt someone's superiority more than
being a declaration calling for help and support.
i might be wrong and they might be doing
lots of good, but what is the point in doing a
favor to the world, if you still want the credit
to go just to your country. if the declaration
read on the lines of.. "one world.. blah blah"
it would have been more credible to me as a

further, the idea is to get 1% of the earnings of
all americans, to distribute wealth to poor
countries. it could sound easy and simple to
a bono or danny glover holding millions with
a silver spoon up their ass. but have they
thought about the poor people in their country
and how they will contribute to it ?
americans have a 60 billion debt on credit
cards and imagine an additional 1% tax ripped
off their hands every month.

alright so now you got the money, so you give
it to the poor. but has any thought gone into
why these countries are still poor ?
variety of reasons, depending on the country.
religious and cultural reasons in islamic countries,
and corruption (almost all countries). Another
big reason is the oppression of women. wouldnt
these coutries do a lot well if women had
education and worked alongside their men ?
havent countries like india prospered even with
all these shackles ? isnt it for the country itself
to awake itself and grow ?
and finally, wouldnt it be encouraging for all
these shackles if these funds reach them ? isnt
it like encouraing corruption, laziness and poor
cultural barriers ?

doesnt one.org realise that these countries are
poor because of the debt they owe to the west ?
isnt it a better thing to do to write off these debts
and help these nations grow than give them funds ?
definitely fighting the cause is better than fighting
the effect.

i feel one.org is a good step forward but is just a
gimmick to show the superiority of americans
and to make themselves feel better in the world

February 22, 2006


google's philanthropic arm - Google.org
10 years down the line Google wants to be
identified for this, rather than for its search
they have recently invested $ 1.1 billion on
their charitable endeavours.
google's initiative in india - planetread

the elephant man

are you being judgemental about an unattractive
person ? this movie is for u.

another biopic by lynch. this is of john merrick aka
the elephant man. this movie is must watch for
every human being on the planet. this is a movie
that squeezed tears out of my eyes in more than
one scene. a 10/10 tissue rating. it can be called as
an experiment on human behaviour and emotions.

this is one movie that shows almost every human
emotion, be it anger, fear, sorrow, pain, suffering,
anguish, confidence or guilt. the indifferance of
our emotions towards physical deformities of a
hideous man forms the backbone of this experiment.
hidden behind the ugly form is an intelligent and
sensitive being which is also repelled by the society
because of the form of the being.

this movie is definitely in my top 5 all time

m$ sparkle

IE 7 beta preview download page uses flash..
so M$ gave up sparkle and embraced flash ?

February 21, 2006

man maketh
men taketh

February 20, 2006


i hate banks.always did but never could
comprehend why.
22 signatures and a 30 page book to fill
for a trading account??
now i know.


i hate oracle ( the company ). if you cant innovate,
you acquire. thats the worst fsckall policy that
targets all creative minds of opensource and the
isvs. now that oracle has bought InnoDB, it cripples
mysql of its innodb transaction engine.ofcourse
attempts of buying out mysql itself has failed badly
and is a slap in the face for oracle.so now they will
target to buy zend ( the driving force behind php )
and try to cripple mysql of its association with php
that has been its major mode of growth.oracle is
following m$'s fsckall mode of world domination
and am sure they would both be crushed by the OS
world and google soon enough.

the straight story

the story of alvin straight and hence straight
story.the movie got every aspect of it straight.
the screenplay was straight, the photography,
the acting, the emotions, everything was straight.
its the true story of alvin straight's journey
from laurens through iowa to wisconsin on a
john deere tractor ( after his unsuccessful attempt
on a lawn mower and a trailor ) to visit his
dying brother to settle a feud before either of
them die.it moved me no end and in the end i
wondered if lynch could have made it into a
trilogy and presented more of the journey.
watch it if u want to break free from the
mainstream run-of-the-mill scripts.this is not
a typical lynch flick with freaky bunnies and
masked men but a movie where even silence
speaks loud ( after 2001 : a space odyssey ).

February 15, 2006

die for u

in a relationship.. when you say "i would die for u"
what do you mean ?
is it that if u get rejected, you would die for her/him ?
or you would die for her to protect her ?

there is big differance between the two types.
dying for someone you care about.. is driven by a sense
of protection and is a trait to be appreciated since it has
benefits for the survival of the species.killing oneself
because of being deprived of someone's love is driven by
a selfish sense of want, and is a trait that just tends to
darwinianly reduce the gene pool

??? - [4]

what would happen if our lifespan increased ?
lets say.. to 300 years average.
would we go to school longer?
would we marry many more times ? ( assume youth
too would increase proportionately )
one thing is sure..
we would definitely have about 10 generations living


god must have installed windows on most human
brains.and now everyone is craving for a service
pack,antivirus or a security bulletin.and god has
i run linux

February 14, 2006

zinda vs oldboy

there is just no comparison.zinda was a shitpile.
first of all, it was a bad idea to even think about
remaking it in bollywood.the censor board would have
thrown a collective fit in seeing the final product.who
would be allowing incest at so many levels seep into a
bollywood movie.alright, so they made an attempt to
indianise it, but wtf did they do to the screenplay ?
the director had molested the concept.
* spoiler alert *
the whole captivity of sanjay dutt was not at all
emphasised on.It should have driven the whole movie.
the emotions were pouring out of oh daesu character
in oldboy.you cant blame dutt for it, blame whoever
was the director.
* spoiler alert /*
daesu character was sexually deprived and you could
see how the screenplay drives the acting and vice versa.
but dutt character being an indian hero, cant run
behind women.the girl always has to run behind the
guy you see.ttherwise bollywood wouldnt accept it.
daesu character practises kung fu and boxing for
14 years and you could see a mix of anger, contemplation
and confidence out of him when he fights,but dutt on the
otherhand, is a typical indian hero who could sweep 50
men off the floor before the clock sweeps 5 arcminutes.
a typical indian movie climax and a typical indian
movie feel good twist make the moviegoer all nauseated
in the end in zinda.
the director had cut off all sexual emotions from
the storyline and hence deprived the movie of its
charisma in portraying the various human emotions of
oldboy.the camera work was all original and innovative
in oldboy,i felt atleast that could have been copied as is,
but that wasnt the case.the zinda grainy visuals were
soo irritating.to give zinda, the oldboy'ish look, the
story happens in bangkok.maaaaan,moviemaking doesnt
get worse than this.
if you want to watch zinda, watch oldboy first and
dont let zinda spoil oldboy for you.its like gajini spoiling

February 13, 2006


dark helmet: what the hell am I looking at?
when does this happen in the movie?
colonel sandurz: now. you're looking at now sir.
everything that happens now, is happening now.
dark helmet: what happened to then?
colonel sandurz: we passed then.
dark helmet: when?
colonel sandurz: just now. we're at now, now.
dark helmet: go back to then!
colonel sandurz: when?
dark helmet: now.
colonel sandurz: now?
dark helmet: now!
colonel sandurz: i can't.
dark helmet: why?
colonel sandurz: we missed it.
dark helmet: when?
colonel sandurz: just now.
dark helmet: when will then be now?
colonel sandurz: soon.

time travel

its easy..
when i want to go forward or backward in TIME
... i just flip the page

February 12, 2006


kaatriniley varum geetham
kangal panithida pongum geetham
kallum kaniyum geetham
kaatriniley varum geetham

pattamarangal thalirkkum geetham
ponnoli pongum geetham
kaatu vilangum kette mayangum
madhuramohana geetham
nenjinil inba kanalai ezhuppi
ninaivazhikkum geetham-
kaatriniley varum geetham

sunai vandudan solaikkuyilum
manam kuvindhidavum
vaanavelidhanil thaara kanangal
thayangi nindridavum
aah, en solven maayappillai
veingkuzhal pozhi geetham
kaatriniley varum geetham

nila malarndha iravinil thendral
ulaavidum nadhiyil..
neela niarathu baalagan oruvan
kuzhal oodhi nindraan
kaalamellaam avan kaadhalai enni
urugumo en ullam..
kaatriniley varum geetham

this song is a MS Subbulakshmi rendition
from the movie meera ( aka meerabai ) released
in the year 1945.
The movie was directed by an american named
Ellis R. Duncan ( Dungan )

A modest attempt at the translation..

the song floating in the breeze..
that makes me misty eyed
that can even melt stones

that makes deceased trees bloom
that flourishes like glittering gold
that can charm the wild..
that mellifluous melody
in my heart..
it ignites a flame
that douses the bad memories
the song floating in the breeze..

the fruit flies and the cuckoo
freed their mind to listen
the stars and planets in space
stopped and pondered for a moment
Oh how do i find the source
of this invisible melody
the song floating in the breeze..

on the night when the moon bloomed
and the breeze blew by the riverside
a blue boy stood by the river
playing a flute
all my life.. longing for his love
my heart melts in his melody
of the song floating in the breeze..

February 11, 2006

tear drop

this tiny tear drop in this story was born in a
dark room as an answer to all the million cells
in his body that were screaming for sleep.the
drop carried a reflection of these words from
the CRT, of this silent protest, even as it fell
towards its impending doom on his lap

blore live

bands i would want to c live in blore

my choices

fleetwood mac

February 10, 2006

monty python

( brian is talking to a crowd )

brian : you need to be independant minded.
crowd: we are! we are!
person in crowd: i'm not!

garmlich effect

it's the law of physics that states that if one girl
screams for something, it will make other girls
scream ... until all girls within a five-mile radius
are screaming. once you get girls screamin', you
can't stop 'em! they're crazy!"
chef, south park

February 08, 2006


mention this to me
mention something,
mention anything

watch the weather change

tablas and guitars.. must listen

g(r)eek humour

a large number of electrons,brain cells and a few
pixels were terribly disturbed in making this dumb


beyond creep

for ppl who dont know radiohead beyond creep..
few songs to listen to..

high and dry
street spirit
how can you be sure
fake plastic trees
karma police
black star
exit music
no surprises
paranoid android
my iron lung
knives out
the bends

February 07, 2006

plight of a photograph

imagined myself to be this image of tull u see on this
page.dumb thing to do i would say.not because i dont
know how to play flute.just imagined my plight day after
some smart, most intelligent fellow of the galaxy put
me through all this by creating that post.the moment
he clicked publish, i was chucked out of the smart guy's
RAM and off i traveled through an endless tangle of
wires,RJ 45s,routers,switches and ether and ended up
on a used harddisk sold thru ebay to google.with loads
and loads of other fellow graphics i slept.i would be woken
up from my peaceful slumber on the ext3 filesystem
only to be tormented again.off i travel again thru the
endless tangle of wires at a speed little less than that
of light.imagine colliding with monster network cards
at that speed. :-( ,only to end up on some browser.
my only wish all the time is to land up on a firefox and
not on that shitpile called IE.
save all the web content from more trauma.
download firefox here

February 06, 2006

??? - [3]

joe : he has used mouthwash
jokerman : hmm... he couldnt afford a new one ?

gallows pole

hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
think i see my friends coming,
riding a many mile.
friends, did you get some silver?
did you get a little gold?
what did you bring me, my dear friends,
to keep me from the gallows pole?
what did you bring me
to keep me from the gallows pole?

i couldn't get no silver,
i couldn't get no gold,
you know that we're too damn poor
to keep you from the gallows pole.

hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
i think i see my brother coming,
riding a many mile.
brother, did you get me some silver?
did you get a little gold?
what did you bring me, my brother,
to keep me from the gallows pole?

brother, I brought you some silver,
i brought a little gold,
i brought a little of everything
to keep you from the gallows pole.
yes, I brought you
to keep you from the gallows pole.

hangman, hangman, turn your head awhile,
i think I see my sister coming,
riding a many mile, mile, mile.
sister, i implore you, take him by the hand,
take him to some shady bower,
save me from the wrath of this man,
please take him,
save me from the wrath of this mad man.

hangman, hangman, upon your face a smile,
pray tell me that i'm free to ride,
ride for many mile, mile, mile.

oh, yes, you got a fine sister,
she warmed my blood from cold,
she warmed my blood to boiling hot
to keep you from the gallows pole,
your brother brought me silver,
your sister warmed my soul,
but now i laugh and pull so hard
and see you swinging on the gallows pole

swingin' on the gallows pole!
led zeppelin

February 03, 2006

0+0 = 1

for very large values of zero

February 02, 2006