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February 12, 2006


kaatriniley varum geetham
kangal panithida pongum geetham
kallum kaniyum geetham
kaatriniley varum geetham

pattamarangal thalirkkum geetham
ponnoli pongum geetham
kaatu vilangum kette mayangum
madhuramohana geetham
nenjinil inba kanalai ezhuppi
ninaivazhikkum geetham-
kaatriniley varum geetham

sunai vandudan solaikkuyilum
manam kuvindhidavum
vaanavelidhanil thaara kanangal
thayangi nindridavum
aah, en solven maayappillai
veingkuzhal pozhi geetham
kaatriniley varum geetham

nila malarndha iravinil thendral
ulaavidum nadhiyil..
neela niarathu baalagan oruvan
kuzhal oodhi nindraan
kaalamellaam avan kaadhalai enni
urugumo en ullam..
kaatriniley varum geetham

this song is a MS Subbulakshmi rendition
from the movie meera ( aka meerabai ) released
in the year 1945.
The movie was directed by an american named
Ellis R. Duncan ( Dungan )

A modest attempt at the translation..

the song floating in the breeze..
that makes me misty eyed
that can even melt stones

that makes deceased trees bloom
that flourishes like glittering gold
that can charm the wild..
that mellifluous melody
in my heart..
it ignites a flame
that douses the bad memories
the song floating in the breeze..

the fruit flies and the cuckoo
freed their mind to listen
the stars and planets in space
stopped and pondered for a moment
Oh how do i find the source
of this invisible melody
the song floating in the breeze..

on the night when the moon bloomed
and the breeze blew by the riverside
a blue boy stood by the river
playing a flute
all my life.. longing for his love
my heart melts in his melody
of the song floating in the breeze..


At Wed Feb 15, 10:18:00 PM PST, Blogger Moorthy said...

simply awesome...!!

i thought you are more a techonology person... great to see you living with your language.

Just a thought..i dont know how to justify even...

for the line "Kaatriniley varum geetham" I believe it jus talks about the song in the breeze.. coz if I have to interpret the translation back in to Tamil, I would write as "kaatriniley midhakkum geetham" which I believe is not very right.

If the line "the song floating in the breeze" made to "the song in the breeze", it should make more sense and feel...i believe!!



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