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February 20, 2006

the straight story

the story of alvin straight and hence straight
story.the movie got every aspect of it straight.
the screenplay was straight, the photography,
the acting, the emotions, everything was straight.
its the true story of alvin straight's journey
from laurens through iowa to wisconsin on a
john deere tractor ( after his unsuccessful attempt
on a lawn mower and a trailor ) to visit his
dying brother to settle a feud before either of
them die.it moved me no end and in the end i
wondered if lynch could have made it into a
trilogy and presented more of the journey.
watch it if u want to break free from the
mainstream run-of-the-mill scripts.this is not
a typical lynch flick with freaky bunnies and
masked men but a movie where even silence
speaks loud ( after 2001 : a space odyssey ).


At Wed Feb 22, 09:15:00 PM PST, Blogger sou said...

I saw it.. I saw it I saw it!!

Sooo "sweet".. really this movie just redefines mundane words like "sweet" and "sentimental" and washes away alll the cliches and the gooey stuff from these words.

How i wish they made more movies like this one!


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