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April 29, 2006

unlearn everything

"as intelligence goes up, happiness goes down.
see,i made a graph.i make a lot of graphs."
lisa simpson

i'm becoming dumb everyday

April 25, 2006


nostalgia is a dry flower bouquet;
the tender fragrance survives
long after the little flowers die

April 24, 2006


the persistance of memory

and its disintegration

salvador dali 1931 and 1954

April 23, 2006


i was very tired and irritated that i had to work over both days of the weekend. i decided to see a movie to make the weekend worthwhile. the choice was very tricky as i had several gems to choose from. i would normally choose some serious movie with good editing, cinematography, acting and screenplay. but today i wanted to see some light teen flick or romantic comedy or some horror movie. horror movies are fun. they either are tremendous fun to watch ( like child play series ) or trying to be scary with sound effects or just outright funny. i picked this new movie called hostel. was surprised to see the titles starting with "a quentin tarantino film" atop blood flowing down a gutter. and thats how i saw the grossest movie ever made. the idea was to put flesh on display and there were lots of it both on the outside (pr0n) and inside (violence). the first 45 mins were a like a soft pr0n flick and the next 45 mins were so gory that this movie must have had more pr0n and violence than all the movies released last year. the movie was violent to the extent of people's fingers and toes getting cut of with garden scissors, eyeballs hanging out of sockets, whole frontal regions of people open, chainsaws, hand drills, you name it, this movie has it all, blood smeared. the violence was meaningless in a poor plot. the writer has to realise putting flesh and blood on display is not horror. the background score was just as crappy. watch this movie if you are bloodthirsty.

starry starry night

just as we take the train to get to tarascon or rouen,
we take death to reach a star

vincent van gogh
june 1889 ( painted 13 months before suicide )

April 18, 2006

earbuds for cows

saw a cow which was scratching its ear
on the handlebar of a pulsar motorcycle.


April 14, 2006


"print out the mail you wish to send then smear feces on it. tie it to the leg of a blind pigeon. release the pigeon then take pot-shots at it. the results are still better than hotmail."

hotmail - not hot anymore

April 08, 2006

kid memoirs - 2

i ran and i ran.. it was 12 30 in the afternoon. i ran to see
my great grandpa . i was still a foot tall. i was wearing a
white shirt and shorts. i ran along streets chasing my shadow
formed by the midday sun. i loved watching my shadow when
i ran. i liked running. i took two sharp turns by steering my
virtual car with my hands. when i was nearing the house i
tripped. i fell down on some hard jagged rock. i rose up and
for no reason i started running back to granma's house where
i stayed. i yelled for granma as i walked into the house. as
always she came running to lift me up and konjify me. but this
time she was shocked and she wiped away what seemed to
be blood, dripping down my cheeks and onto my white shirt.
i remember playing with her hair as she ran to the doctor
with me on her waist.
i have the scar on my left eye brow made by the 4 stitches that
day about 20 years back

April 04, 2006


Came across this post on chennai metroblog..
nostalgia.. i miss my chennai... i want to cry.. :-(

Checklist for a person to be called a Chennai-ite

1. You must have visited atleast one of these. Kapaleeshwarar temple, Parthasarathy Temple, 1000 lights mosque, Santhome Church
2. You must have had mini idly at Saravana Bhavan
3. While travelling in a window seat in MTC, your hand must have accidentally touched the iron rod and felt the soaring heat
4. You must have realised that jetty not necessarily means something to do with the port
5. You must have watched a movie at Sathyam/Devi complex, a play at Rani Seethai Hall/Narada Gana Sabha and a musical at Music Academy
6. Zoomed past 70 on your vehicle on the stretch between foreshore estate and raja annamalai puram (or) the road alongside cooum from chetpet to egmore
7. Shopped for some electronic item at Richie Street
8. Walked from Usman Road to Mambalam station i.e. on the famous ranganathan street
9. Shopped at GR Thanga Maligai
10. If you are a guy, you must have purchased atleast a shirt at Rex Fashions, Mylapore
11. If you are a girl/woman must have visited Nalli/Kumaran cloth store.
12. Visited Marina Beach. Ofcourse
13. Got lost in Anna Nagar/KK Nagar atleast once. Actually these two are well planned areas in Chennai. But Chennaiites have a track record of handling complex stuff with ease, and struggling with simple things ;-)
14. Listened to the best spoken Tamil in world, and also the worst :-)
15. Visited Poes Garden and Gopalapuram atleast once
16. Visited Nilgiris on Radhakrishnan Salai, with atleast one person mentioning to you that it was the 1st supermarket to be established in Madras.
17. Bought Leo Coffee
18. Attended a wedding reception at Palmgrove hotel lawn
19. Bargain with an auto driver, and make him accept to you.
20. Slept on the terrace, when there was a power cut
21. If you have tasted rosemilk anywhere in mylapore
22. Had dosai at Kaiyendhi Bhavan, Masilamani street
23. Watched Gemini/Rambo circus atleast once
24. Watched a cricket match at Chepauk, atleast for a single session.
25. Come up with another 25 items, that are not there in this list like Spencers, LIC, Landmark etc :-)

kid memoirs - 1

my aunt used to give me cookies from a cookie box
which was kept on the top shelf. i was a foot tall then and
i envied her as she could reach the cookie box anytime
she wanted. I vowed that when i was tall i would eat
cookies all the time.
i dont like cookies now.

April 03, 2006

v for vendetta ( vendekka? )

v for vendetta
leon + mask of zorro + daredevil + rang de basanti

v for vendekka
ramana + citizen + random rajinikanth movie

April 01, 2006

google romance