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April 23, 2006


i was very tired and irritated that i had to work over both days of the weekend. i decided to see a movie to make the weekend worthwhile. the choice was very tricky as i had several gems to choose from. i would normally choose some serious movie with good editing, cinematography, acting and screenplay. but today i wanted to see some light teen flick or romantic comedy or some horror movie. horror movies are fun. they either are tremendous fun to watch ( like child play series ) or trying to be scary with sound effects or just outright funny. i picked this new movie called hostel. was surprised to see the titles starting with "a quentin tarantino film" atop blood flowing down a gutter. and thats how i saw the grossest movie ever made. the idea was to put flesh on display and there were lots of it both on the outside (pr0n) and inside (violence). the first 45 mins were a like a soft pr0n flick and the next 45 mins were so gory that this movie must have had more pr0n and violence than all the movies released last year. the movie was violent to the extent of people's fingers and toes getting cut of with garden scissors, eyeballs hanging out of sockets, whole frontal regions of people open, chainsaws, hand drills, you name it, this movie has it all, blood smeared. the violence was meaningless in a poor plot. the writer has to realise putting flesh and blood on display is not horror. the background score was just as crappy. watch this movie if you are bloodthirsty.


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