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May 20, 2006

american history x

how edward norton missed the oscar for this is beyond me. american history x is a powerful portrayal of neo-nazi movement in america. edward norton plays derek vinyard, an intelligent, violent and racist skinhead. furlong plays derek's younger brother danny who follows derek in his nazi quest for colored blood. furlong leaves his t2 heritage behind and impresses. the movie starts with a flashback where norton kills two black fellas and goes to prison. he returns reformed only to find his brother and ex-fellow skinheads worshipping him and trudging down the same tracks. the story is directed and told tastefully with great flashback slow-mos in greyscale that heighten the emotions of the frames. ahx has some really stunning scenes like the opening scene of the movie with the shootout and the argument over the dinner table and the whole prison flashback sequence. ahx goes on to prove that nobody is right or wrong. this film must be made available as a part of school curriculum in racist states. i wont recommend this movie to the faint at heart, or ones easily swayed by propaganda but to ones who are open to grab the message of the movie.
life is too short too be pissed off all the time.


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