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May 01, 2006

mulholland drive

i just viewed a masterpiece. i am not gonna stop raving about it for a very long time. this is my 3rd lynch film after the straight story and the elephant man, and the most bizarre one of the lot. its the most thrilling, visually enticing, stylish, densest plots i've ever seen in modern cinema. it is as though lynch managed to capture someone's dreams on film. the film's real and fantasy plots are mangled like spaghetti and just keeps you guessing what is real. in the end, you can find that the film has managed to keep you rivited not just for the time when you were watching it, but long long after the movie is over with the interpritive discussions you will have for unlocking mulholland drive. the film is not just non-linear but it has multiple narratives, and imagine these multiple narratives to be non-linearly schizophrenic. the output is spectacularly surreal. the cast is brilliant and so is the editing and the direction. there was something oddly creepy about this film and i realised later its the lighting. a weird thriller that deservingly won lynch the best director award at cannes. must watch. 9/10


At Mon May 01, 09:16:00 PM PDT, Blogger gullu said...

yep..the movie requires atleast 2 or 3 viewings before you can make anything out of the plot. unfortunately i cud watch it only once :( waiting to watch it again :)
'lost highway' is one more lynch movie i wanna watch..found it thru imdb :)

At Mon May 22, 08:22:00 AM PDT, Blogger Ameet said...

Did either of you figure out the plot?

At Mon May 22, 08:40:00 AM PDT, Blogger phreakv6 said...

ofcourse... the fact that the movie starts with fantasy and continues on for the majority of the playtime and the reality flashback is hardly 15% and at the end of the movie makes it all the more confusing.. but figured it though.. :)


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