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May 21, 2006

the station agent

station agent portrays the behaviour of humanity towards someone who doesnt look like the majority physically. finbar mcbride is a dwarf who moves in to a silent neighbourhood after inheriting a inactive train depot to pursue his hobby of trainspotting and to be away from the madding crowd that scoffs relentlessly at his 4' 5". there is absolutely no plot in the movie and this movie reminded me of the straight story which was just as sweet and delved into human intimacies. it also reminded me of pithamagan. the movie relied heavily on the beauty of newfoundland countryside to etch the beauty of the simple but strong relationships of fin with joe and olivia. the irony of life is that fin wants to stay secluded but everyone wants to be with him and when he gets attached to them and wants them no one is around to support him. the storytelling is uncannily simple and unpretentious. dwarfism is treated almost as race, in terms of pain and misunderstanding that surrounds it.
loneliness is so much better when you got someone to share it with.


At Sun May 21, 03:23:00 PM PDT, Blogger autogato said...

i gotta see this.

At Mon May 22, 08:31:00 AM PDT, Blogger Ameet said...

I loved this movie

At Mon May 22, 09:33:00 PM PDT, Blogger sou said...

so why is it called the station agent?


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