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July 31, 2006

i am invisible

July 14, 2006

thirukkural and tagore

yaanokkum kaalai nilanokkum nokkaakkaal
thaanokki mella nagum.
thiruvalluvar ( 31 BC )
kural : 1094
adhigaram : kuripparidhal


when i look, she looks down; when i don't,
she looks and smiles timidly.

find it toooooo beautiful and very similar to some lines from tagore's "the gardener"

if it sets your heart aflutter, i will
take away my eyes from your face.
tagore ( taken from "the gardener" )

July 13, 2006

react os

have you heard of reactOS ?. if you havent, then check it out here.
coming to think of it, its a really noble concept. reactos is a complete re-write of the windows kernel. all windows programs would continue to work on reactos. ooooh and its free (as in beer) and open under GNU public license. not stable yet and requires a lot of work.

some words/phrases i hate; a lot :

sign up
click here
learn more
try it
buy now
download ( its a love hate reln. )
windows version
what is this?
All New !
welcome xyz,
get started
change settings


bright lit by the early morning skylight of summer were the big black framed photos of saraswati, ganesha, lakshmi, venkatesa and his wife along with a few small, maybe less powered photos of gods. the oldman had finished his bath and also bathed his grandson and made him collect hibiscus flowers to offer his gods and goddesses like he had done for decades before this day and more than a decade after that day. he stood and prayed under the warm morning light coming through the skylight with just a towel wrapped around his waist right from the bathroom as always. he still does.
the gods never had the courtesy to ask him to sit as he stood there amidst them in their courtroom after offering his flowers.

self-dicovery and monoamine oxidase

more about the exess monoamine oxidases A (mao) in my body. Not only am a neophile, but i also seem to have adhd ( attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ) which again is due to MAO. i have each and every one of these symptoms for adhd listed in the adhd wiki page. well, there is an explanation now for my seemingly unattentive nature and brashness. excess mao also explains my love for depression (does that answer you question autogato?) and also my social phobias.
looks like i have cracked my life open for me to manipulate.

July 12, 2006


i have excess of monoamine oxidase A. i just found that i am a neophile. hmmm.. that explains my gadgetry.

some math

migraine = f (weather, time_of_year, sleep, iScream, stress, karma )

weather = rainy or not
time_of_year = this time of year
sleep = lack of it
iScream = my laptop
stress = morons around me
karma = an integer which affects the left side of the equation when -ve

graphs coming soon.

migraine = f(graphs) ?

July 11, 2006

yahoo IM sucks.

am i the only one facing this problem or do i have company? recently i am being pounded with messages from total strangers on my yahoo messenger. i use adiumx on my mac for connecting to yahoo. its been a total puzzle for me. these people claim that my id "flashed" on their screen. no i dont browse pr0n or loaf around yahoo chat rooms if thats what you are thinking. i tried to find a solution and i found that all these people use yahoo messenger with voice 8 beta. apparantly yahoo has screwed up something very recently according to this.
i am off yahoo and its services if this is gonna persist.

yaagaavaar aayinum naakaakkha kaavaakkhal
sogaappar sollizhukku pattu

( thirukkural : 127
adhigaram : 13, adakkamudaimai

translates roughly to :
whatever thy might fail to guard, guard well thy tongue,
for flawed words constantly invokes anguish and affliction.
taken from "thirukkural" written by "thiruvalluvar" in 31 BC
chapter : 13, self-control
section : domestic life
part : virtue

July 10, 2006

the ostrich

The ostrich roams the great Sahara.
Its mouth is wide, its neck is narra.
It has such long and lofty legs,
I'm glad it sits to lay its eggs.
ogden nash


plastered smile on a face clouded
with deluded illusions of happiness,
rivulets of tears welled underneath;
dike after dike she built,
an exercise in futility;
reality bit her on her cheek,
and the dam broke down.

July 09, 2006

10000 days

1. Vicarious
2. Jambi
3. Wings For Marie (Pt 1)
4. 10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)
5. The Pot
6. Lipan Conjuring
7. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
8. Rosetta Stoned
9. Intension
10. Right In Two
11. Viginti Tres

Yet to digest to write a complete review, but sounds like a great successor to Lateralus from one hearing.

July 07, 2006

google checkout

probably they should have named it gaypal ?
or paygal ?
(since its touted as the paypal killer)

if google launches ebay killer , they could name it gbay.
or bgay? ;)

( ebay has blocked google checkout payments stupidly
since they own paypal )

July 04, 2006

the ghost of vermeer

the ghost of vermeer which can be used as a table
salvador dali (1934)

stray birds - 11

the flaming fire warns me off by its own glow.
save me from the dying embers hidden under ashes.


saw two gems back2back

July 02, 2006


sorry that there is a trailing bit of conversation.
had taken the whole chapter from the dvd for