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September 10, 2006

short tale - 1

you are standing before a class full of 9 yr olds after having struggled hard with the management, for providing creative computer education. there are people everywhere who would discourage stating the stupidest of reasons even if you discover something that would take you and your dog from point A to point B 10000 miles away in 0 secs. the stupid reason to disparage here could vary from "but i want to have my wine 5000 ft above sea level while having a pleasant flight" to "i could get a date with a hot airhostess in a long flight". with all these thoughts swirling and wavering you setup your computer to give instructions to the kids. here you are before a class full of innocent 9 yr olds to teach geography through Google Earth. the kids seem to be totally amazed by the software after fiddling with it and you are really happy you have done something worthwhile though it meant a squabble with the school management. the kid in the corner waves at you. you move to him to see if he has any problems. after using the software for hardly a minute, the kid scoffs "Where are the other planets?".


At Mon Sep 11, 11:22:00 PM PDT, Blogger sou said...

ha! this actually happened in anaya! ( the disbelieving kids part not the nasty management)

This volunteer was showing the kids google earth on his laptop and they were sooooo not buying that they were "actually" looking at earth.

*in a sarcastic tone* "oh so where are the cities if this is earth" i believe were the exact words one boy uttered.


At Mon Sep 11, 11:25:00 PM PDT, Blogger sou said...

This is ananya.


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