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September 12, 2006

short tale - 2

he was busy taking mental snapshots of the bench by the lake on which they sat. he did that everytime he felt it was going to be a moment to remember. one shot from that tree across the lake, one from behind and one from the surface of the water and one panaromic view from where he sat. he felt he had captured enough to be cherished 10 years later with a bottle of wine. he wished the night would never end. meanwhile, she was wondering what colored curtains their house would have and how many dogs and babies they can support. she wished the night would never end. they had shared their first kiss 10 minutes back. "what are you thinking?" she asks, just as he sits up and brings his gaze down from the summer sky now fast filling with stars building a shimmering celestial highway."Nothing" he says as his gaze shifts from the stars to her eyes. "You?". "Nothing" she nods and shrugs with a smile. the comfortable silence continued.


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