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September 13, 2006

short tale - 3

after having played tt for 40 mins, i was tired as usual. sweating profusely, we went for lunch as always. we usually manage to find a table near a tablefan to cool our skin. today our usual places were taken so we had to find an alternate table which was near a fan. we found one occupied by just two people and so we ( 2 of us ) moved there. i put my plate on the table after asking him if someone was coming and after he said "no", i went on to switch the fan. my friend had come by then and he had put his plate next to mine and sat there. i came to know later that he had told my friend that "he had switched off the fan" to which my friend had replied "ok". i came to the table after switching it on and turning it towards the table facing me, and my friend sitting next to me. i was hungry and immediately started attacking the bad rotis. this guy turns towards me and says "i switched it off". i continued attacking the food and mumbled "ok" under my breath. he repeats "i switched it off" still staring at me eating. i have a problem if people stare at my mouth when i eat, so i looked up and looked blankly at him wondering what his point was. and when he said it for the third time "i switched it off", i was wondering if it was a joke or just a day for making pointless statements. so i said "ya, and i switched it on" and i smiled at him. but now, he was looking as if he was gonna eat me alive for lunch. he says "i had a problem with it". i said " oh! ok. i have turned it away from you so it should be fine". he obviously was pissed by now for god-knows-what reason and he says, "take your chairs away and sit somewhere else and turn the fan towards you". i found this impossible since, you cant just eat sitting on a chair without a table to put your heavy plate on. and finding we dint have an option, i told him politely, "ya but we are already seated here, we would just finish our lunch and go". he then says "i can go and switch it off now". not wanting to pick a fight at a lunch table, i said "ok, switch it off if you want". he found this offensive, can you believe it?? he stares at me harder and i get the impression as if he has a spoon and fork in hand and i am really gonna be his lunch. i dont like confrontations so i said, "ok cool buddy. i will switch it off" and i went and switched it off. i came back and continued eating and he says "thats not the way you talk". i had had enough by now and i looked at him and asked "what ?", he takes a really aggressive stance and speaks rudely "thats not the way you talk. which team do you work for?" i found this was going overboard for no reason at all. i hate confrontations and i really dint want to make a big scene at a lunch table so i jus said "LS" and continued eating. i felt i would be very uncultured and stupid to be fighting with someone in a workplace, and so i dint say a word and finished off my lunch and left with my friend. it was later that i found who he was and apparantly he was a senior project manager. i realized he was just being a egomaniac and took me for a ride since he probably felt he was superior for whatever reason. what do you think i should have done? should i have thrown a stone into the sewer and stood there?


At Wed Sep 13, 03:11:00 AM PDT, Blogger sou said...

ah my my.. why don't these things happen to me? i'd just love helping such sick people.

the thing is, my immediate reaction to this was to go beat the crap out of that guy (verbally), but since i've recently seen Lage Raho Munnabhai, i've become a non-violent person and the poor man is sick.

so i would send get well soon bouquets and cards to him.

Egomania is a dreadful disease indeed!

At Wed Sep 13, 07:49:00 AM PDT, Blogger Oz said...

if you don't care about consequences etc a flying kiss with your best smile everytime he says something would have been fun.
me probably would have just run away from confrontation. fun moments are gone by the time you get second thoughts about actually making somethin out of it.

At Wed Sep 13, 09:23:00 AM PDT, Blogger Hyperbole said...

Gandhian policies apart, I truly believe we all have become intolerant to a point of no return.

So it doesn't matter what any person needs; what's more important is that I need to care for MY needs. I will truly be selfish and ignore/fail to acknowledge what others need. Oh boy, why do we need education and other frills in life if we cannot respect others. Where is the concern for fellow human beings?

Tom, in a workplace, it doesn't matter whether you are a senior or otherwise. End of the day, we all are human beings and would like to be treated with dignity.

Two people who don't know each other, who don't have a past that connects each other, fail to connect in a wierd first time interaction. Wonder how we will talk to the Martians! :-)

At Wed Sep 13, 10:00:00 AM PDT, Blogger phreakv6 said...

@sou : i too dint want to beat the crap out of the guy verbally, since i would have felt later that i had no significant transformation in my frontal lobes in the past 3 years after leaving college. maybe i should have asked him if he was sick and told him to catch the pun.

@oz : thats an awesome idea.. will try it next time. only i hope there is no next time. i hate confrontations.

@krish : the problem here was not even taking care of one's own needs. it clearly wasnt selfishness. all he had to do was "hey can you switch it off?, i have a cold". i would have gracefully switched it off respecting him and moved on even if i knew that the "cold" part was a lie. but all he did was miscommunicate horribly by saying "i switched it off" some 5 times totally. did he expect me to be his servant/slave ?? the bottomline is he dint trigger anger in me. he triggered depression. i am depressed that someone atleast 10 years older than me is so immature.
if my frontal lobes were the same as they were 3 yrs back, i probably would have asked him "which team do you work for?" :p

At Wed Sep 13, 11:15:00 PM PDT, Blogger Moorthy said...

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1)
- inferiority complex 

1. Psychiatry. intense feeling of inferiority, producing a personality characterized either by extreme reticence or, as a result of overcompensation, by extreme aggressiveness.
2. lack of self-esteem; feeling of inadequacy; lack of self-confidence.


Nothing more to say!

At Wed Sep 13, 11:17:00 PM PDT, Blogger phreakv6 said...

hahaha.. yup.. inferiority complex it is. this guy probably also had territorial issues with his lunch table.


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