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September 19, 2006

short tale - 5

he would get the first choice to choose a pen from the pen set their aunt gave them both, the last piece of a tasty cake, better bedding on a trip, a geared bicycle, more pocket money and an unquestionably better education. he would then make a job that sends him abroad while she would be married to someone whose horoscopic grids matched with hers. years would pass and he would be a dutiful loving son and call them up from seattle once a week while she would take them to the hospital every week as they age and visit them everyday and weep bitterly.


At Wed Sep 20, 03:05:00 PM PDT, Blogger autogato said...

Ack. That seems so depressing to me. I don't know if you inteded it as this or not, but it seems like such a commentary on feminism and the way that women are viewed.

At Wed Sep 20, 09:30:00 PM PDT, Blogger sou said...

yeah autogato.. it is depressing and it is very true of many women here..

infact i've heard of many where the in-laws treat the women as strangers and never accept them as part of the family and yet when they are sick its always that "daughter"-in-law who ends up caring for them till they die.

At Wed Sep 20, 09:41:00 PM PDT, Blogger phreakv6 said...

Its the current indian middle class situation. I wish women were given more love and respect by their own parents. Its invariably their daughters that take care of them as they age. Its been like this all the time and yet the glaring prejudices still remain.

At Sat Sep 23, 03:28:00 PM PDT, Blogger autogato said...

Listening to you all talk about your culture and its values has been such an eye opening experience for me. Really. It's been amazing!

At Wed Sep 27, 03:42:00 AM PDT, Blogger Moorthy said...

excellent writing... every word in the sentence creates the feel of it! yes as you said... its the current Indian middle class said in a pretty simple and straight forward way!


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