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October 05, 2006

short tale - 6

"i should finish off this ugly radish curry first. god its sooo repulsive, atleast i could've thrown up if it was mom. hmmm.. poor aunty will feel bad if i say i dont like it. lemme finish it off first so i can enjoy my piping hot aloo curry and eggs with this steaming hot rice....".. raghu thought to himself while stuffing his mouth with the yucky radish. "he must be really loving my radish to be hogging it like that.. poor boy.. i think his mom doesnt make radish much.. " thought aunty at around the same time. "here raghu, very tasty isnt it? i learnt to make it from tv you know..." said aunty with her big colgate smile as she served raghu a monstrous helping of the radish curry.


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